400 Mhz Single Channel

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Evaluation of a 400 MHz single channel satellite Doppler receiver for geodetic applications (Report / University of Uppsala, Institute of Geophysics, Department of Geodesy)
Peavey PV1V1BHS203400 400 MHz VHF Headset Wireless Microphone System
Ubiquiti locoM9 2-PACK PRE-CONFI NanoStation 900MHz Outdoor airMAX CPE 15+km PoE
Aihasd LG01-P Open Source LoRa IOT Gateway Internet of Things 433Mhz
1Gb Ram Memory Compatible with Hp Pavilion A1013W, A1010Y, A1013W, A1016X, A1020N, A1023C Ddr2 By CMS A114

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Memória RAM 1GB DDR 400MHZ

400 Mhz Single Channel

Características: - Burst type (sequential & interleave) - Memória sem registro (No ECC) - 1 ...

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Samsung Rambus RDRAM 400Mhz 256Mb/32MB

400 Mhz Single Channel

RDRAM or Rambus DRAM, was designed as a replacement for SDRAM, but was VERY expensive (Up to 4 ti...

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